Rapidly developing

Rapidly developing


Trading partners

As a member of the group company, Shanghai Central adheres to the development and business philosophy of "integrity, service, law-abiding, and contribution", and has established a good reputation in international trade cooperation. At the same time, we have also accumulated many long-term cooperative customers, such as GE, Philips, Siemens, Toshiba and other Fortune 500 companies.


Company Culture

Enterprise spirit: continuous learning, innovation and openness, harmonious development, law-abiding contribution.

Business purpose: diversified operation, service first, standardized operation, mutual benefit and win-win situation.

Long-term goals: industrialization, scale, internationalization, grouping.

Business philosophy: integrity, service, law-abiding, contribution.

Cultural characteristics: Expand and expand customers - win-win cooperation and enhance competitiveness. Encouraging and driving innovation—exploiting business opportunities and shaping the future. Continuously enhance company value, fully pay attention to and empower employees. Automatically and spontaneously create first-class performance, realize the greatest value and make the greatest contribution to society, enterprises and individuals.


Serve attentively

Schweizer said: Only those who are willing to seek to discover how to serve others are truly happy. How to achieve better service is what Central has been thinking about and doing - Central strives to do every detail of the work well through strict system construction, scientific process management, and flexible team operation. Then on the basis of controlling the details, we complete the work in time, solve the problem, and give feedback to the customer, which is our requirement for ourselves; when doing service, we take the customer's business as our own business, We communicate carefully and respect our customers as we respect ourselves. This is our requirement for ourselves; we operate legally and will not operate beyond the law for any reason, which is also our requirement for ourselves. We are doing business with heart.





Advantages of free trade zone

As a new experimental field for the national economy, Shanghai Free Trade Zone has implemented many advanced and efficient management policies in import and export. Overseas financing and foreign exchange rates in terms of capital make foreign exchange settlement and payment, tax payment, etc. more economical and convenient for enterprises in the free trade zone.

As the first batch of companies registered in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, Shanghai Central will work hard to better understand the Free Trade Zone and make better use of the policy advantages of the Free Trade Zone in order to provide customers with more complete and efficient services.